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David Werchen has over 25 years experience as a music and entertainment law specialist.  In his position as a former Vice President of Business Affairs and Director of Law for PolyGram Records, David established himself as one of the most highly regarded and well respected music industry attorneys.

David Werchen is well-practiced in guiding his clients through all stages of their creative lives.  He  not only represents clients from the initial stages of their careers but continues during and through the award-winning years. In addition to the high level of sophistication with which Mr. Werchen handles all matters both big and small, he is known for being exceptionally responsive to his clients' needs.

Mr. Werchen has acted as guest lecturer for the Entertainment and Sports Law Societies of St. Johns' University Law School and Cardozo Law School.  He has also appeared as a music law specialist on television shows and has served as an expert panelist at many music industry conferences.


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David Werchen in his office in New York City


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